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Strata Homeowner Safety Tips

In almost half of residential burglaries thieves enter through unlocked doors and windows. You can help keep your community safe and your property protected by following these basic safety tips.

Lobby Security

  • Report unknown or suspicious people to the concierge or strata manager
  • Never allow strangers to enter the building as you are leaving or entering
  • Make sure the all outer doors are locked always; do not wedge doors open for any reason
  • Do not buzz anyone into the building that you were not expecting or do not know no matter what reason is given to you. Refer them to the concierge or strata manager.
  • Do not use your full first name on the lobby directory, doorbell, mailbox and phone directory
  • Do not leave notes on your suite door or on mail boxes
  • Immediately inform the concierge or strata manager if you lose a fob, and change locks if your suite keys are lost
  • If you see a stranger carrying items out of a neighbour’s suite, call 911

Parkade Safety

  • When entering or exiting the parkade, always wait for the door to close behind you. Watch for anyone sneaking in and call police if necessary.
  • Regardless of where you park your vehicle, do not leave devices, packages or belongings in view.
  • Always lock your vehicle to discourage persons from entering and searching your glove box.
  • Carry your registration and insurance with you. Do not leave it in the car. This will protect you against identity theft.
  • Use anti-theft bolts to secure license plates.
  • Never leave a spare key in your vehicle.
  • Consider using a “club” to secure the steering wheel if you have an older vehicle without adequate anti-theft features.
  • Consider your personal safety. Parkades are often dark and deserted. Know what to do if something happens. The best defense against an attack is awareness and action. If faced with an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, leave the parkade and seek assistance.

Elevator Safety

  • Look to see who’s in the elevator before entering.
  • if there is someone in the elevator that makes you uncomfortable, wait for another cab.
  • Stand beside the control panel when alone and if a suspicious person enters the elevator, exit before the doors close.

Suite Safety

When you go away:

  • Create the illusion that someone is home.
  • Have a neighbour check your suite every few days, to check for leaks and general security.
  • Use timers on interior lights. These can be set to turn the lights and radio or television on and off intermittently to give the appearance that someone is home.
  • Have a neighbour park their car in your designated parking stall where bylaws permit

  • Turn the ringer on your telephone off or set your voicemail to pick up on the second ring. Long rings alert bystanders to your absence.
  • Never leave a note or a voicemail message indicating you are not at home.
  • Leave shades, blinds and curtains in normal positions.
  • Do not share your vacation plans in social media, like Facebook and Twitter.


  • Change your locks if keys are lost or when you move into a new residence.
  • Consider installation of high security locks or deadbolts if they are approved by the Strata Corporation.
  • For added security consider a floor mounted door stop. This is much more effective than a door chain, which is easily compromised with a good push.
  • To observe visitors, a wide-angle viewer should be used instead of a chain lock, as they do not require you to open the door.


Windows can be vulnerable to break-ins. They can be pried open or broken, lifted from their tracks and the panes removed. There are numerous ways to increase the security to windows. Conduct a simple survey of the existing windows by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are the weak points?
  • What is the access from the ground, porch, roof, tree, fire escape, ledge?
  • Is the glass shatter resistant?
  • What is the state of repair of the sash and frame?
  • Are the locking mechanisms functional and are they engaged?
  • Is the surrounding area well lit at night?

Storage Locker Safety

  • If there is someone in the locker room who makes you uncomfortable, leave.
  • Report suspicious behaviour immediately to the Concierge or Strata Manager.
  • If you feel threatened leave and call 911.
  • Do not leave valuables in storage lockers.

  • Make sure the locker room door has closed properly when you leave.
  • If the lights are not all working properly, notify the Concierge or Strata Manager.
  • Do not store items on top of lockers as this impedes the functioning of sprinklers.

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